there’s literally a picture of marilyn manson sleeping with puppies

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is this soft grunge

soft hatred



these are from 3 different songs
i have a theory that marilyn manson was never about politics, religion, individuality or thought-provoking
since the beginning its just been about one man’s desire to be fisted
this is the REAL triptych
and its the most tragic story of all

manson wants to be fisted pass it on


"I want to kill you like they do in the movies" is Manson’s most psychedelic song

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Anonymous: marilyn manson has aged:/


yes people tend to do that when they get older.

Anonymous: Haha yeah but I just saw a quote by Manson here on tumblr where he said he fall in love with the person, not the crotch so I was thinking he may be bisexual :)

yes lmao

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